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PD 8 Shoring System


PD 8 Shoring is predestined for use under slab tables – in particular, due to its large spindle extensions, the system can be quickly adapted to accommodate different slab heights as well as being lowered for moving under large beams.

The PD 8 is a cost-effective system for the erection of supporting frame structures in formwork construction. The frames consist of welded, fully galvanized tubular steel framework elements and are supplemented with spindles at the head and base thus forming rectangular or square shoring towers or suspended shear frames that can be joined together. Thereby, the basic dimensions under the slab tables range from 1.50 m x 1.25 m up to 1.50 m x 3.50 m. The shoring system can be used with up to 73 kN per leg for high leg loads and for large room heights. All heights can be incrementally realized using just the Frames R 150 and R 110 and spindles. The two frames are tightly connected to each other by means of diagonal bracing.

Quickly and continuously adaptable
with only 2 frame heights and large spindle extensions

High load-bearing capacity
with up to 73 kN leg load and for large slab heights

Large units easily moved
horizontally with a Trolley and Winch, and vertically using the Lifting Fork

Technical Details

  • Scaffolding construction made of welded, completely galvanized steel tube elements with spindles at the head and base
  • For loads up to 73 kN per leg (as slab table)
  • Basic dimensions under the slab tables: 1.50 m x 1.25 m up to 1.50 m x 3.50 m
  • Basic dimension of shoring tower: 1.50 m x 1.50 m
  • Basic dimension of stair tower: 1.50 m x 3.00 m
  • Continuous height adjustment from 1.55 m with only 2 frame sizes and up to 88 cm spindle extensions in the head and base areas respectively
  • Easy horizontal moving procedure with the Trolley and Winch Unit
  • Vertical repositioning with the PERI Transportation Fork

Slab Table

With various frame combinations and diagonal crossbracing, the PERI PD 8 slab tables can be used flexibly for different heights and ground plans.

With the use of the PD 8 slab tables, large moving units and room heights can be cost-effectively formed. The PD 8 system offers large spindling ranges, 880 mm at the top and 880 mm at the bottom, for easy adjustment to suit a wide range of projects. This results in large lowering heights for moving under beams or adapting easily to unequally high load-transfer areas.

For moving the PD 8 slab tables, PERI offers two possibilities:

  • Lifting Trolley
  • Transportation Wheel 80

If required, the Transportation Wheel 80 is simply mounted on the vertical tube of the PD 8 frame.

Shoring Tower

The PD 8 shoring tower is type-tested for heights up to 21.30 m and loads up to 62 kN with a maximum 720 mm spindle extension. The PD 8 shoring tower can be pre-assembled on the ground. It has base dimensions of 1.50 m x 1.50 m.

Stair Tower

The PD 8 stair tower provides safe construction site access. It can be extended up to a height of 100 m with units pre-assembled on the ground.