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National stadium Kazimierz Górski, Poland

Project data

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Football stadium for the European Championship 2012 with 55,000 seats

Construction period until opening: 2009 - 2012


  • tight construction time schedule
  • complex construction projects with large quantities of concrete and formwork
  • high quality requirements
  • partly increased fair-faced concrete requirements


Alpine Bau Deutschland AG;
Alpine Bau GmbH;
Alpine Construction Polska Sp. z o.o.;
Hydrobudowa Polska S.A.

Customer's benefit

  • construction progress without interruptions
  • fast shuttering times
  • ready-to-use, preassembled column formwork
  • close, trustful cooperation
Peter Rozumnyj
Construction manager shell construction

We have been working closely and well with PERI in smaller and larger construction projects for years now – the precondition for successful handling of the project. With the national stadium, we now have to cope with huge amounts of concrete and formwork in a very short time. Together with PERI, we are able to master these difficult tasks regarding formwork and material planning. The Polish PERI engineers are a very effective help, at day and at night – above-average commitment and highest possible flexibility here help to compensate for imponderabilities caused by the jobsite.

PERI solution

  • delivery of large quantities of system material, time-wise coordinated with the construction sequence
  • planning and support during the construction time